Restoration is defined as the act or process of accurately depicting the form, features, and character of a property as it appeared at a particular period of time by means of the removal of features from other periods in its history and reconstruction of missing features from the restoration period. The limited and sensitive upgrading of mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems and other work to make properties functional is appropriate within a restoration project.

Building restoration is the action or process of accurately revealing, recovering or representing the state of a historic building, as it appeared at a particular period in its history, while protecting its heritage value. Restoration work is performed to reverse decay, or alterations made to the building(s). A part of a restoration can involve the replacement of outdated heating and cooling systems with newer ones, or the installation of climate controls that never existed at the time of building.

Physical materials of an earlier time, that might have been state of the art at the time of construction, might have failed and now need replacement with contemporary, better functioning, but aesthetically similar materials. 

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